Display Email by Contacts

Group your emails efficiently

At the lowest but most important layer of organization, ExtraSecure organizes your Emails by Contacts. Text Messaging is sorted like this. By sorting all a specific contact’s emails together, you can see their latest email and their previous emails (In/Out) at once. By reviewing this recent email dialog, you can see the direction you have started and where you are going.

The Contact’s display shows a few lines for each email sent (right justified) or received (left justified) for your quick review. Click on the specific email to view the full email.

Organize Emails by Preference

Multiple ways to sort your content

In the screenshot below, ExtraSecure allows you to organize your emails by several methods (Classic Email, Contacts, Attachments). While Classic Email is sorted by an Inbox and an Outbox, Contacts are sorted by a specific person. The block diagram shown below shows how Contacts are next sorted into groups of importance: VIP, Other, MyFile.

Your key Contacts are sent to the VIP group (people you have emailed) and your remaining Contacts are sent to the Other group (people you have NOT emailed). You can change the contact’s group by swiping the Contact and selecting the new group (VIP or Other) to assign it to.

For Viewing attachments, all together, see Feature #4 for details on Attachments. Also, MyFile is available for storing important emails, docs, or thoughts. See Feature #5 for details on MyFile.

Separate VIP Emails & Clutter

Only focus on the people who matter

ExtraSecure allows you to focus on key people with VIP. Only your most important contacts will be featured in the VIP group, where you see your VIP emails without the clutter.

Features of VIP under the Contacts group.

  1. Only contacts that you have emailed are in VIP.
  2. Remove email clutter from your VIP Group.
  3. Keep all of a Contact’s emails, together.
  4. Never lose an email or attachment, again.

On the VIP screen, you will see each VIP’s latest email, chronologically, in seconds. You can scroll through your entire VIP group. Quickly reply to recent emails and verify the VIPs who have not sent you an email recently.

By gathering all VIP emails together, you always know where to look for their recent emails, both in or out. Once you find a VIP to reply to, just tap on their contact name to immediately see as many of their recent emails with you as are needed.

See 18 Contacts/iPad Screen

Maximize the use of the iPad’s size

ExtraSecure’s iPad version has a brand new way of viewing your Emails and Contacts. It provides a grid view of email and contact items, presenting 18 items on one screen – which allows for easier and broader email browsing. Now you can quickly see many of your email messages and contacts without having to frequently scroll through them.

Selecting any one of the Contact items will take you to the selected contact’s page, with a summary of your communications with that person – in the same grid view when viewed on an iPad. Selecting a particular Email item will take you to the email message itself.

Never Lose an Email, Again

Stay on top of your messages and data

ExtraSecure has several unique ways to keep track of emails and attachments. The Classic Email mode allows you to still use your tried and true ways to find an email and then attachments. If you have deleted an email while using ExtraSecure, this email was not deleted from you original email account. Also, if you deleted it on your original email account and did not delete on ExtraSecure, it is still available on ExtraSecure.

Since ExtraSecure has the VIP group for your important Emails, it is easy to search the VIP group for an email. Also, we group all your attachment together sorted by in or out and by attachment types under the Attachment mode for accessing just attachments as shown on the screen on the right. 

Clutter email is usually kept in the Other group. If you got an unsolicited email, it is probably in the Other group. Also, since ExtraSecure keeps Secure and non-Secure Email in separate screens, be sure you are in the proper Security group when searching for Email or attachments.

Includes Special MyFile System

Tag your emails into special subjects

ExtraSecure has a unique feature which allows you to have a special email oriented storage area called MyFile. All emails that are tagged by a subject (##topic) will be stored automatically to MyFile from incoming or outgoing emails. Of course, you can just send an email to yourself without having another person involved.

With as many separate topics as you need available, MyFile is easy to access at a moment’s notice. Any email saved this way is independent to that email being saved in your email handler. It can be used just like Apple Notes and it is easier to use.

Any email with a subject line like “##topic” received or sent will be stored in MyFile. Here are some suggested topics:

  • ##ProjectB
  • ##BusDocs
  • ##KeyPeople
  • ##CashFlow
  • ##Trips
  • ##Ideas
  • ##Papers