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ExtraSecure is designed, developed and marketed by Austin Sigma, a Texas-based corporation.

Austin Sigma was founded in 2016 by information technology veterans with experience at IBM and Texas Memory Systems. Within those organizations the founders designed and developed high-performance solid-state disk and digital signal processing systems. In the process of perfecting high performance enterprise hardware, the team developed deep capabilities in data communications and encryption software.

Given the increasing commoditization of computer hardware, Austin Sigma has focused on the design and development of application software. Seeing the significant challenges inherent in securing multi-party communications, the team saw the opportunity for an app providing the tightest levels of encryption while leveraging the prominence, ease of use and integrated hardware/software advantages of the iOS platform.

Austin Sigma’s mission is to provide communications and storage applications that provide the most security and performance.
ExtraSecure, the company’s premier product was released in February 2017 to provide secure email and messaging for people who need the tightest possible security for their confidential communications.

Unlike other emails, ExtraSecure provides rigorous security safeguards within an easy-to-use app fully optimized to the iPhone and iPad.


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